Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stanley Tucci And Wife Felicity Blunt Are Expecting A Baby

Stanley Tucci will be a dad again!  

Tucci, 53, and his wife Felicity Blunt are expecting their first baby together.

Tucci is already father to three kids, and two stepkids, from his late wife Kate, who died of breast cancer in 2009. 

Just in case you have missed it, the star and Blunt (older sister of Emily Blunt) tied the knot three years later, in 2012.

It will be the first child for Blunt. 

Tucci confessed to Us Weekly that she will be a "great" mother, and claimed: "I'm most excited to have a baby with Felicity and for the baby to be healthy."

Tucci added: "I'm very excited to be a dad. It's incredible."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Drake New Song "How About Now" Leaks (AUDIO)

A brand new Drake track called "How About Now" has leaked on the web. It first emerged online on Sunday night.  

It is unknown if the song is from his highly anticipated album "Views From The 6". There is no release date yet for the record.

It may also be an unreleased song from the rapper's last album "Nothing Was The Same". 

Drake, 27, announced "Views From The 6" in July. The performer then claimed he hadn't really began recording music for it yet.

Check out the audio below…

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Britney Spears And Mario Lopez Hooked Up Years Ago (VIDEO)

According to Us Weekly, Britney Spears once had a one-night stand with TV host Mario Lopez.  

In his new memoir "Just Between Us", Lopez, 41, refers to his hookup with a "mega pop star", but never confirmed who it was.

"I'm trying not to give too much away without giving too much away," the former "Saved By The Bell" star recently confessed to Ellen DeGeneres, confirming it happened in Las Vegas and that they remain pals, adding: "It was maybe six or seven years ago…eight years ago?"

The outlet reported that at the time, Britney separated from husband Kevin Federline, while the TV host was on a break from then-girlfriend Karina Smirnoff.

Check out the video below...


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Jake Gyllenhaal Diet For "Nightcrawler"

Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed how he lost 30 pounds for the character of his new film "Nightcrawler".  

Gyllenhaal, 33, claimed he followed a strict diet of kale salad and chewing gum, along with running 15 miles a day.

"The running thing, you're pretty hungry because you're not eating a lot of food," Gyllenhaal confessed to EW, adding: "You're lonely because you're not meeting your friends for dinner. People go: "Hey you want to meet for dinner after work?" I go: "Well, I'm shooting all night." "All right, you want to meet for lunch?" I'm like: "I can't!" So I'm gonna go run."

Would you follow Jake Gyllenhaal's strict diet?

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Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

American actress, television host, author and entrepreneur Susan Lucci, best known for playing Erica Kane on the ABC daytime drama "All My Children", is rumored to have had numerous plastic surgeries to turn back the hands of time.

Lucci, 67, is rumored to have had a nose job, brow lift, facelift, cheek implants, chemical peels, upper and lower blepharoplasty, breast implants and liposuction.

Judging by the before and after photos, it is quite obvious that the star's nose appears thinner and more defined in shape and size with a narrower nasal bridge, an indication of a nose job. In an interview, Lucci admitted to having undergone a procedure on her nose at the age of 47, to get rid of a breathing issue she was dealing with.

One can easily notice that in her sixties the "All My Children" star still appears younger, wrinkle free and glowing even more than those who are in their thirties. Her absolutely flawless image is impossible without the help of plastic surgery.

Lucci's facial skin looks totally tight and smooth for her age. There is no sagging skin, an indication of a facelift working well on her face. Women her age usually have some wrinkles, frown lines, loose skin and other characteristics that come with age. Her face seems upright, well structured and refined. The plastic surgeon expert who performed the face lift did an amazing job as the "Devious Maids" star still appears natural and not overdone.

Looking at the before and after pictures closely, there is a difference in Lucci's bust. Her breasts are now bigger, fuller and rounder, but perfectly shaped as they are well sized to fit with the rest of her body features. 

There are also some slight changes on the brow of the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant. Her brow seems somewhat pulled up with an altered shape, a sign of a brow lift.

It is also possible that Lucci has had cheek implants as they seem fuller than before, giving her a stunning appearance.

The question is: "What plastic surgeons believe about Susan Lucci's plastic surgery?"

Plastic surgeon Dr. Shafer was quoted as saying: "She seems to have a minor nose job (rhinoplasty), her nose looks smoother than in the past".

"Susan Lucci actually looks great for 62 years old! However, it is obvious she has had breast implants," Dr. Shafer went on, noting: "She also appears to have had an abdominal procedure such as abdominoplasty (there appears to be a low incision on one of her recent bikini pictures). However, if she did have an abdominoplasty, her surgeon did a great job on her bellybutton, which appears very natural."

"She most likely had liposuction as well," Dr. Shafer explained, adding: "Her zygomatic (above the cheek) region and lid-cheek junction have a face-lift look, but very well done. It also appears that she may be using Botox."

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston claimed: "I think she has had upper and lower eyelid surgery and a facelift. Her face has lost some volume, as expected with aging. She may also have had some Botox as her forehead is wrinkle-free. She appears to have also had a rhinoplasty but her nose is still a bit long."

According to plastic surgeon expert Dr. Anthony Youn: "With Susan it's difficult to tell exactly what plastic surgery may have been done. The reason for the difficulty is because she looks so great! If I had to make an educated guess, I would bet she's had a brow lift, a facelift, cheek implants, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and chemical peels or laser treatments."

Although some critics and tabloids think that Lucci has gone overboard on her plastic surgery, Dr. John Di Saia reveals that it is because most of the work is focused on her face and not her body. He told Make Me Heal: "A lot of facial surgery and not so much on her body makes her face "tight-looking" relative to her body. This is seen in the recent bikini images on DListed."

"Facially, her hairline has been pulled back by several forehead lifts I would estimate. She has likely had a few facelifts and touch up work over the years. This explains the hair being worn for cover. In the big picture, understand that she is over 60 and for a lady of her age, looks pretty good. All is relative of course and we will never know how she might have looked without the plastic surgery she has had. I would not characterize her as a plastic surgery problem case," Dr. Di Saia concluded.

During countless interviews Lucci has stated that the secret to her youthful appearance is an age-defying skin care products "Youthful Essence", but we should take into account that she is one of the people who launched this beauty care line. 

In addition, Lucci attributes her youthful image to good genes and daily pilates sessions.

Conclusion: The plastic surgeries performed on Susan Lucci were done so perfectly that one can hardly tell that she succumbed to the plastic surgeon's knife.

What do you think? Did Susan Lucci have plastic surgery?

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Julia Roberts' Advice To George Clooney

Julia Roberts, George Clooney's friend, recently spoke out about the star's wedding to Amal Alamuddin.  

"We've spoken many times since he's gone from a bridegroom to a husband," Roberts, 46, revealed to Access Hollywood, adding: "Oh yes. I'll be advising George Clooney on his marital life. I'll get right on that! Well, the only advice for that is finding your person - and he's found his person."

Just in case you have missed it, Clooney, 53, and Amal Alamuddin, 36, officially married on September 27, 2014 at Ca' Farsetti. They were married by the actor's friend Walter Veltroni, the former mayor of Rome.

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Lisa Kudrow Nose Job

American actress, comedian and producer Lisa Kudrow, best known for her ten-season run as Phoebe Buffay in the television sitcom "Friends", is rumored to have had a nose job to improve her appearance.  

Kudrow, 51, admitted she has gotten a nose job (rhinoplasty) when she was 16 years old because she felt insecure about her the size of her nose. Now her nose size is slightly reduced as it now seems sharper with a narrower nasal bridge, which makes it look better. 

Although for some celebrity watchers her nose appeared better, Lisa Kudrow confessed to American magazine Allure that she felt unhappy with the result. "But I'm not even sure I love how that turned out, I think plastic surgery looks weird - like plastic surgery". For that reason, it is rumored that Lisa has had a second nose job.

It looks like Kudrow began to love her nose and doesn't care about it anymore. 

In an interview with New York Magazine, Kudrow explained about plastic surgery: "It's sometimes just so hard to watch yourself, like: "Oh god, what's happening to me?" Boy, I really hope I can put it off until I'm 60 or 70. I'll keep you posted."

Speaking to OK! Lisa was quoted as saying: "I mean, look, time marches on. You can't look 30 when you're not. It makes me nervous, that stuff (surgery)."

Denying plastic surgery has had other benefits for her, the "Analyze This" star pointed out: "In Cougar Town I played a dermatologist, and so the only note I had on the script was that I have to say that I haven't had any work done - it's too noticeable not to mention. Boy, I really hope I can put it off until I'm 60 or 70. I'll keep you posted."

According to rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Jason Diamond of Beverly Hills, Kudrow has had an awful nose job. Diamond doesn't clarify what he dislikes about the appearance of her nose, other than to describe it as "unnatural" and "unpleasing."

Dr. Diamond declared: "Being a resident of Beverly Hills I see many celebrities up close and personal. The nose job that bothers me quite a bit is Lisa Kudrow's. She is an obviously beautiful and successful woman and most people may not even pay close attention to her nose. Upon close inspection it looks unnatural and unpleasing to my eye and I consider it a poor rhinoplasty." 

What do you think of Lisa Kudrow's nose job?

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