Monday, January 30, 2012

Lady Gaga Won't Release Any More Singles From The "Born This Way" Album !

Despite reports of ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ as Lady Gaga’s next single, an executive from her label, Interscope Records, nixed the rumors and then some.

In the ‘Ask Billboard‘ feature, a Gaga fan wrote in suggesting that her track ‘Scheiße’ should be released as a single. However, not only will ‘Scheiße’ not be released as a single, but neither will any of the other remaining tracks. The label executive told Billboard that he is “not aware of any current plans for another single from the album.” Considering that these types of decisions are usually made way in advance, it doesn’t bode well for fans of that song nor of ‘Heavy Metal Lover.’

A French music site initially reported that ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ would be released as Gaga’s sixth single, but it appears those rumors were false — though it is possible that ‘Lover’ will be released as a single overseas. Perhaps time will tell!

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