Friday, January 6, 2012

Megan Fox Nose Job !

Megan Fox nose job , which removed a small bump from her nose , was ranked the 3rd best celebrity plastic surgery for 2008 by 

Anyone that looks at the before and after pics would have to agree that the surgery came out great. The plastic surgeon that performed Rhinoplasty on Megan Fox did a great job at correctly structuring her nose. 
This isn’t always the case (unfortunately!) because not that many cosmetic surgeons get this type of surgical procedure done exactly right but luckily for Megan Fox her rhinoplasty surgeon did an excellent job.This procedure here though simply removed a bump from the bridge of her nose.

It’s probably a cosmetic procedure that most people would opt for if money wasn't an issue. So judge for yourself!Take a look at Megan Fox’s nose before she had plastic surgery and after the surgery and understand that sometimes cosmetic procedures of this nature are all for the best. Achieving status as one of the best nose jobs can only be achieved if the surgery is not to complicated and if the surgeon is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and of course if he is on top of his game. 

What do you think of Megan before and after pics ?

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  2. I honestly couldnt tell it was s bump.. i thought she had her nose tip done. it looks more refined and thinner. but as i look harder at her bridge i see that instead of going outwards.. now it goes in... it kind of looks odd. its straight... then goes in .. and back to straight again. i just think she is flawless and doesnt need any cosmetic surgeries


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