Saturday, March 10, 2012

Britney Spears Wants $ 20 Million To Do The "X Factor" !

Britney Spears thinks she’s worth 20 million dollars to be on "The X Factor" judges' panel! According to "The Wrap":

Britney Spears has rejected a $10 million offer to judge the next season of "The X Factor," TheWrap has reported.

So the question is: How much is Fox going to have to pony up? Try $20 million.

Reports this week that the pop star was considering a $10 million offer to judge next fall’s seasons of "The X Factor" are out of date, according to a knowledgeable individual in Spears’ camp.

The singer rejected that offer three weeks ago and is instead thinking about an offer to become a resident performer at a Las Vegas hotel in the fall, a la Celine Dion.

It has to be mentioned that Paula Abdul was paid 2.5 million dollars to judge X Factor’s first season.

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