Friday, March 16, 2012

Gwen Stefani Joins Twitter And Posts Vintage Video And Pics Before She Was Famous !

Gwen Stefani reminded us of her roots in '80s SoCal on Wednesday when she finally set up a Twitter account and promptly tweeted a video and pics of herself in her younger years.

The photos, which Gwen described as being from the eighth grade and 1983 (in other words, when she was 13 or 14), showed the teen with her older brother, Eric. In one, she's clutching an autograph from what she described as her "favorite band," the British ska and punk group "Madness".

 As fans will remember, Eric, who's now 44, was actually the founder of No Doubt, and left only after convincing his kid sister Gwen to join, and recording the successful "Tragic Kingdom". Interestingly enough, he left the group to work on a different kind of art : becoming an animator for "The Simpsons."

The vintage video is even more telling about Gwen's future fame. Recorded in 1991, it shows an innocent-looking, fresh-faced twentysomething in what appears to be a schoolgirl uniform working on a costume for a No Doubt performance. Who could have ever imagined she would rise to superstardom in only a matter of years?

 Gwen also proudly points out the No Doubt logo designed by her big brother, and opens up about the inspiration for the jailhouse-inspired outfit she's making. When someone asks her if she wants to become a star and tour the world, she doesn't hesitate before answering yes. If only she'd known what was in store! "i remember this girl - still the same voice a little deeper hair a little lighter! gx" Gwen wrote.

Are you excited about Gwen joining twitter?

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