Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miranda Kerr's Advice For Headache !

Do you suffer from a terrible headache? Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr has the answer!

When asked by a fan on twitter for "natural remedies" to a bad headache, Miranda replied:

    "I use organic peppermint oil on my temples and the back of my neck. Also make sure to drink plenty of fresh water xxx"

 She also gave some much needed advice to a fan when she tweeted:

    "Honey u need to eat! U need organic vegetables, organic protein, pure water and organic green juices. U can not starve!!"

Don't ever think skipping out on food is a nice way to go about getting healthy. Treat your body right and eat regular meals

Miranda Kerr is definitely not a doctor, but she knows a thing or two about living a healthy lifestyle.

Just to mention that she also has her own line of natural skincare products called KORA Organics Skincare. Wow! To me she undeniably walks her talk! What do you think?

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