Monday, April 30, 2012

Katie Holmes Divorce

Just days after Katie Holmes filed a lawsuit against Star magazine for its outrageously wrong reporting, National Enquirer is piling on with dubious claims about Katie's marriage.

Holmes "has been living such a tortured life with Tom Cruise," alleges the Enquirer, "that pals are urging the actress to get a divorce."

The tabloid quotes a so-called "witness" as saying that Holmes is "at the end of her rope" and is "just not the same happy, carefree woman she used to be."

The tabloid's "source" reveals "She’s losing weight and trying to keep her slipping career together while being pressured to have another child by Tom," all while coping with recent controversy over the Church of Scientology and a supposedly "strained relationship" with Cruise’s older daughter Bella.

"There are plenty of days when she wishes she could have her carefree single life back," continues the Enquirer "source". "I think that’s when thoughts of divorce probably flare up."

"It must be miserable at times," observes the "insider."

Actually, it’s probably "miserable" for Holmes to read about how horrible her life supposedly is in the press each week. After all, if Holmes gained weight, the Enquirer would use that as evidence of her supposed misery as well. Don't you think?

In any case, the mag’s portrayal of Katie Holmes as no longer "carefree" is characteristically fact free.

What do you think of Katie's marriage with Tom Cruise?

Is their marriage a mission possible or impossible?

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