Monday, April 30, 2012

Madonna Hired A Lourdes Lookalike For The MDNA Wold Tour !

Madonna has hired a lookalike of her daughter Lourdes to throw the paparazzi off-scent during her forthcoming MDNA world tour.

Madonna, who has also taken on five clones for herself , made the bold move to get a body double for her 15-year-old daughter following advice from Lourdes' father Carlos Leon.

A source revealed: ''Carlos suggested hiring a Lourdes lookalike to take the pressure off the teenager.''

The move has clearly worked wonders for Madonna's relationship with her first-born - who recently upset her famous mother when she was photographed smoking.

The insider explained to the "Daily Star" newspaper: ''Things have been tense and difficult between Madge and Lourdes.

''Madge is tense and overworked in preparation for the biggest tour of her life, while Lourdes is establishing her independence and trying to make her own mark on the industry.

''But they have bonded over finding the perfect girl to pretend to be Lourdes. It's been a lot of fun. Lourdes thinks it's cool to have a doppelganger because it makes her feel important'' the source added.

It has to be mentioned that Madonna's upcoming "MDNA World Tour" kicks off on May 29 in Tel Aviv.

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