Thursday, May 24, 2012

John Travolta Drama: Cross-Dressing Scandal

John Travolta has been accused of sexually assaulting male masseurs but today John Travolta was heaped with fresh embarrassment after photos surfaced of him cross-dressing.

To be more exact, Travolta appears in full drag and the pictures, published in this "National Enquirer"issue are allegedly not for a film role.

In the snaps, Travolta is wearing a white dress, brown belt, fur stole, earrings and a necklace.

A bra is even visible beneath the knit frock.

He also wears a face full of makeup, including thick black eyeliner and pearly pink lipstick as well as a blonde wig pulled back into a ponytail.

It has to be noted that the photos were obtained by "The National Enquirer" from a party in Los Angeles that John attended in 1997, just six years after marrying Kelly Preston.

In another bitter twist of fate, the magazine claims that his wife of over twenty years has left him in the wake of his cross-dressing scandal.

A friend of Preston claims: "Kelly told me their marriage is over and made it clear that she's no longer living in the family home."

"She's put up with John's double life for decades while his behaviour remained in the shadows.But all this coming out in public has humiliated her. Kelly is absolutely destroyed" Preston's friend added.

John is certainly no stranger to dressing up in drag.

Just to mention that he wore women's clothing on the big screen as Edna Turnblad in the 2007 silver screen adaptation of Broadway musical "Hairspray".

Though his tongue-in-cheek role had many laughing, this current photo scandal is certainly no laughing matter in the wake of recent reports that he sexually assaulted male masseurs.

It has to be mentioned that "The New York Daily News" reported today that one of the two accusers was offered $125,000 by Team Travolta to keep his mouth shut.

Though John Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, calls the claims "completely false", John Truesdale is firmly standing by his story.

Just for the record, the former US Army medic reportedly turned down the offer and hired celebrity crisis lawyer Gloria Allred.

John Travolta's drama has no ending...I am speechless. How can a man be so huliliated and ridiculed by the press? Even if he wins the case ( I seriously doubt it! ), this kind of scandal harmed his reputation and status. What do you think?

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