Monday, May 21, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Picks Out Elizabeth Taylor-Inspired Outfits For The Lifetime Movie "Liz And Dick"

Lindsay Lohan's finally looking the role, trying on some crucial Elizabeth Taylor-inspired outfits for her new movie.

Sources close to Lindsay state that she is dead set on nailing Liz Taylor in her upcoming Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick", so she's spending countless hours trying to pick out the perfect outfits for the role.

According to reports, Lindsay has final say on all wardrobe decisions for the film and has been giving major input into how to perfect Liz’s looks.

It has to be noted that Lindsay's been obsessing over Liz trying to get into the Hollywood legend's head, studying her constantly for the last few months.

It has to be mentioned that "Liz and Dick" is scheduled to start shooting next month.

Are you excited?

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