Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Liv Tyler Surgery

When you look at Liv Tyler, Steven Tyler's daughter, you can tell  that Liv is a spitting image of her father in every way. Even down to her big lips!

Now there's a rumor that Liv went for lip injections in order to make her lips bigger. According to that rumor, the new found super-fullness in her already full lips appears to be the result of Botox injections. Liv undeniably had plump lips, so that makes you wonder :"Why she would want to make them even bigger?"

Many celebrity watchers think that beautiful Liv Tyler has fallen prey to the Hollywood curse of trout pout. Judging by the before and after photos, you can easily figure out that Liv already posessed lovely bee stung lips. We have to admit that looking at some photos, her upper lip appears unnatural...When it comes to lip fillers, the result is rarely flattering...

The question is: "What Liv Tyler thinks of  plastic surgery?"

In an interview for the July edition of "Allure" magazine, Liv Tyler opened up about her desire to have plastic surgery. "I'm definitely going to have some. Especially when you see what happens to your body after you have a baby," she stated.  

 It seems that Liv has changed her mind about plastic surgery because years ago she commented to "Britain’s Brazia Magazine":  "I don’t want to ever have cosmetic surgery, so I want to do the best I can with what I have. I hate that look where people’s faces have just changed. It’s so creepy"

When you look at Liv Tyler's recent photos, you realize that  her facial features remain the same, her lips, nose and cheeks are basically the same.  So, it is estimated that Liv could be getting botox to remain wrinkle free but we can view some wrinkles around her eyes, so probably she is still young to need those procedures

The question is:"What the majority of plastic surgeon experts beleive about Liv Tyler's plastic surgery procedures?"

There is no secret that Tyler has been the subject of a rumor that her trademark lips may have been assisted by collagen or another lip filler. The majority of plastic surgeons think that this rumor appears to be false, as her lips are the product of good genes and may also have been inherited from her father, Steven Tyler. On the other hand, Tyler’s perfectly chiseled nose may be the result of  a nose job done in her late teens.

What do you think of Liv Tyler's surgery?

Is she a natural beauty or not?

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