Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miranda Kerr Hair Colour

Miranda Kerr is undeniably a very successful model.

Many women want to achieve Miranda Kerr's hair colour.

But why Miranda's hair colour is so hot?
Miranda’s been a Team Cosmo style envy recently as she graced the Paris runways for fashion week and sizzled at all the parties. Now her dark, rich hair colour is a hot-want too according to "Wella Professionals UK Colour Ambassador" Christel Lundqvist.

The question is :"What to ask your hairdresser for to get Miranda’s colour?"

"Miranda’s look has got darker shades at the roots, going lighter towards the mid-lengths and ends. Ask your hairdresser for a root-stretched effect with a seamless, natural result," quoted as saying Christel.

And last but not least, here is a top stylist tip: Enhance the shine in your hair by bracing a cold or lukewarm rinse, particularly good for oily hair as any extreme of temperature will stimulate the blood vessels which encourages healthy hair growth.

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