Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bill Clinton Movie In The Works: Who Should Play Bill And Hillary ?

Former US President Bill Clinton is casting a movie on his life and has anointed the man who should portray him ... Wanna know who?? The most famous bachelor alive: George Clooney!!!

Clinton told Piers Morgan he would choose Clooney over Brad Pitt, claiming that Pitt was just "too good-looking." (What does that mean? Is Clooney not handsome??Oops!)

Clinton thinks a little Hollywood magic would help in giving Clooney the right look ( like "bulbous things on his nose." )

Clinton said Hillary would be in the movie too and Meryl Streep should step in for the part. 

If that happens, I bet it will be very interesting!
Wonderful cast! Don't you think?

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