Sunday, June 10, 2012

Does Dolly Parton Have Breast Implants ?

It's no secret that Dolly Parton's most famous body part is her breast. It's pretty obvious the answer  to the question: "Does Dolly Parton have breast implants?"

Well to take things from the beginning, Dolly Parton when she  became a media superstar in the late 1970s, she was significantly overweight, although her small frame and costuming made her appear average in size everywhere except the breasts, which were apparently very large and quickly became the target of late-night talk show host jokes.

 At the time, whenever asked if her breasts were real, she stated they were real. In the mid-1980s, she lost a considerable amount of weight. In interviews afterward, Dolly avoided answering whether she got breast implants, referring to any procedure as only a "lift."

In 2002, however, Dolly admitted for the first time in separate interviews with "The Irish Independent" and "The Daily Mirror" that after the weight loss in the 1980s, she lost a great deal of breast size and subsequently obtained breast implants to bring them back to a similar size as she had prior to the weight loss

It has to be noted that since then, she has made ample jokes in media interviews about their not being natural. She even once joked by claiming: "Yep they are mine! Bought and paid for!".

But Dolly expressed her desire to get them reduced because they have been giving her excruciating back pain for over thirty years now. Besides, Dolly is ony 5 foot 1.

Additionally in the one interview in the "Irish Independent", Dolly revealed how much money her breast implants cost her. Wanna know how?? Dolly had gotten breast implants at a cost of about $3,000 (which would date them to around the mid-to-late-1980s). Then in the "London Mirror", Dolly explained that she decided to get breast implants after her dramatic weight loss around 1986."

During the discussions about the "Weapons of Mass Destruction", Dolly has called her famous twins "Weapons of Mass Distraction" and named them "Shock and Awe"!

It has to be mentioned that Dolly Parton used her royalties from the years after "Jolene" (circa 1974) to buy her famous breast implants.

One report, in the mid 1980's, of Dolly having her first set of "full silicone" implants taken out to be replaced with a new set of "silicone-saline" implants could support the claim that her current implants are actually her second set of implants.

In the mid 1980's, the implants used in the years before that, the so-called "full silicone" implants, were reported to possibly cause health hazards. The alternative, called "saline" implants, were and are considered less hazardous.

It has to be added that Dolly Parton's breast implants increased her measurements to anywhere from 38CC to 48DD! 

It has to be mentioned that Dolly Parton told Oprah Winfrey that plastic surgery is the only way to keep her famous look and if something was sagging or dragging, she was going to have it nipped and tucked.

What do you think of Dolly Parton's breast implants?

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  1. Regardless if Dolly patrons tits are real or not who cares whatever tits she is sporting at the time there gorges and so is she. What I would give to just wrap my mouth around either one of hers. Dolly hit me up. Lol. Wishfully thinking.

  2. I love the fact that dolly is so chipper and fun. She is the only 80yr old I'd be proud to say I'm smashing. Let's just say at 33 I have a few gray hairs on my chin, but after a box lunch I'd have ah few mass;)


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