Sunday, June 24, 2012

Johnny Depp Dating: Amber Heard Or Robin Baum ?

There are many rumors about Johnny Depp's private life and that seems inevitable given the fact that we are talking about  Johnny Depp!!! So, many speculations have been heating up since Johnny announced his divorce from Vanessa Paradis earlier this week.

And now, as reports focusing on his affair with "Rum Diary" co-star Amber Heard continues to mount, he has also been linked to his own publicist!

Globe magazine reports that Heard, who went public with her same-sex relationship with artist Tasya van Ree in 2010, has been spotted visiting the set of Johnny's upcoming film "The Lone Ranger".

An insider quoted as saying: "Amber's been a regular visitor to the set. Johnny's even bought her a horse so they can go riding whenever he gets a break."

On the other hand, according to celebrity website Radar Online he has also been getting closer to his publicist Robin Baum...

"Robin and Johnny spend a lot of time together obviously because of work but their relationship seems to be getting much closer than just business," a source revealed.

"Robin is twice divorced and a mom but she and Johnny really seem to have some kind of crazy connection that goes way beyond a professional level. They travel a lot together for work and get to spend a lot of time together and they definitely have a total flirty vibe between them. I would put money on them having more than just a friendly relationship."

It appears that after his split from Vanessa Paradis, many women chase Johnny Depp...We can't blame them. Johnny is undeniably very attractive and now that he is back on the market again, it is more than obvious that he is in a high demand! 

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