Friday, June 15, 2012

Kevin Costner Won Stephen Baldwin In Court Over BP Oil Disaster !

Kevin Costner doesn't owe Stephen Baldwin squat after Baldwin filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly duping him into prematurely selling shares of a company that scored a $52 million contract after the BP oil spill.

Moments ago, the jury rejected claims that Costner deceived Baldwin into selling shares of his stock in a company that made a financial killing by selling oil cleanup equipment in the wake of the BP spill.

It didn't take long for the jury to decide. In fact, a verdict was reached in less than 2 hours of deliberation!

Baldwin and another plaintiff had collectively sought $17 million in damages.

It has to be noted that Baldwin had previously argued that he sold his shares for a measly $500k, but he would have made millions if he would have held on until after the BP deal.

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