Monday, June 11, 2012

Madonna Nipple During Istanbul Concert

The fake "No Fear" tattoo on Madonna’s back bared at her Istanbul concert this weekend says it all.  

The Queen of Pop stripped down on stage to reveal her right nipple and egged the crowd on during a performance of "Human Nature" from her 1995 "Bedtime Stories" album. Dressed in a pinstripe outfit and wearing a skimpy bra top that made the reveal a little too easy, she shrugs afterwards in the video below, as if to say: "Yes, I’m Madonna and I can do whatever I want."

It may be 17 years later, but she’s still using "Human Nature" to confront critics who claim she goes too far in invoking sex in her music and performances. If you are a Madonna fan, you will get used to it and enjoy it as well!

It has to be noted that this isn’t the first time on Madonna’s 80-show "MDNA" tour that she has pushed people's buttons. Just last week, Madonna used a swastika image emblazoned on French leader Marine Le Pen’s head in a video montage, causing an uproar during her Tel Aviv stop. The tour hits Rome next and continues through Europe before coming to the States later this summer. 

It has to be mentioned that the Istanbul show played to over 55,000 in the arena and she reportedly followed up "Human Nature" with "Like A Virgin"… of course. Besides, that's what Madonna embraced through the years: Controversy!

Madonna made it clear: There was no "malfunction" involved in this!

Like it or not?

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