Monday, June 11, 2012

Maria Menounos: "I Was Sexually Abused Several Times"

Maria Menounos revealed recently on "The Howard Stern Show"that she has been the victim of sexual abuse.

Maria Menounos claimed she was "violated" several times by different doctors, which has left her with a phobia of physicians.

In one instance, Menounos recalled seeing a doctor for throat issues, but being forced to undress completely for the examination.

The doctor then touched her genitals, she stated.

 "I was really young, so I was so uncomfortable," Menounos explained, adding, "I literally started screaming… I was just so uncomfortable; I didn’t know what to do."

The "Extra" co-host, who declined to press charges, told she’s also had other issues, including allegedly inappropriate gynecological exams.

It has to be noted that Menounos now has her boyfriend of 14 years, Kevin Undergaro, come into the room with her whenever she has to visit a male doctor.

It sounds terrible, but it appears she has no choice.
She is very beautiful and famous and I guess that turns people on!
It's way better this way! Safe at least...

What do you think?

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