Friday, October 19, 2012

Is Joan Jett Gay ?

It was widely rumored over the years that Joan Jett was a lesbian or at least bisexual. Needless to say some record labels worried that might have caused a decrease in sales.

It has to be noted that in many of Joan Jett's early songs, original drafts made use of the pronoun "her" where "him" was what the labels wanted. Take for example Joan Jett's "Crimson and Clover".
In the beginning she says: "I don't hardly know her, but I think I could love her"...

Years later no executive will comment on that and Jett has remained mum on the subject. 

While Jett would never come right out in public and declare she was a lesbian, people began noticing something different at her concerts regarding her stage presence and often that the crowds were becoming more and more female...

Rumors ran wild, but when Joan was often pressed on the issue she felt the need to remind people her sexuality was her own business. This remained her stance until only a few years ago when she allowed herself to be billed as an "Out Lesbian rocker" at the Dinah Shore Weekend. It was around that time she was romantically linked to sex icon Carmen Electra. While they never lived together they were often seen hanging out although neither would confirm or deny anything on their relationship.

That period Carmen played Joan’s lesbian lover in her video (A.C.D.C). Carmen also revealed that she had a big crush on Joan since she was a teenager. Suddenly they started spending time together...

It has to be mentioned that Joan supports gay rights, but she will never be accused of being "in your face about it." 

The question is: "What is Joan Jett's response to gay rumors?"

Joan Jett told Interview magazine in 2010: "Look, all kids experiment - all kids have those feelings".

"I guess they've always said those kinds of things to a degree anyway. Anyone who wants to know who I am can just read my lyrics. I've always written about who I am. But that's not what I want people to focus on. I want people to focus on the music. And if they want to know who I am, I write about who I am in the lyrics, so don't be lazy-read the lyrics and figure it out for yourself. I sing to everyone, that's the bottom line. You don't want to say: "All right, you guys, you can't be involved in this." You want everybody to be involved. You want everybody to want you"Joan continued. 

"First of all, back in the mid-’70s, Bowie had just come out as bisexual and so had Elton John and that was really intriguing. We experimented. We weren’t in love with each other. We just had fun. I like that it’s in the film. So many kids go through these serious guilt trips. I want them to know it's okay" Joan added.

What do you think? Is Joan Jett gay or not?

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  1. Of course she is, she's always been gay and it's not really a 'secret'. She doesn't hide it, the only thing she does, which confuses people, she's not parading it around. Her lyrics give everything away. But your crimson and clover reference doesn't count, it's a cover, that's why they let her sing 'her'. Just looking at her latest albums, it's like a coming out opera, still not 'in your face'. Just listen to the song :five, watersign, , As I am, androgynous, ACDC, baby blue,and loads others. She's a dreamer, always been, that's why she's still hoping for a world were neither, the gender nor appearance matter.


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