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Lindsay Lohan Dating

Lindsay Lohan is one of the naughtiest and most troubled  actresses in Hollywood and of course has been dating many men in the past. Wanna know who dated Lindsay? Let's check out Lindsay Lohan's dating history below...

Lindsay Lohan dated Aaron Carter for a period. Tabloids reported that Hillary Duff, who also dated Carter, was reportedly miffed about the affair, leading to a long reported feud between them.

May 2004 -  July 2004
Lindsay Lohan dated Wilmer Valderrama: They met and were photographed out at LA-area nightclubs - despite the fact that Lohan is 17 years old then. Her mom claimed that Valderrama is her daughter's "first love." Lohan made an appearance as a guest star on Valderrama's sitcom "That 70s Show," but reps confirmed just two weeks later that the two had split. 

November 2005 -  December 2005
Lindsay Lohan dated Jared Leto: They were photographed several times looking very cozy while shooting the movie "Chapter 27" together. Lohan has repeatedly refused the relationship, telling Allure magazine in 2007: "I never had a relationship with Jared. Swear to God, never did."

Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be with Vanessa Lachey: They created a lot of buzz when their pictures surfaced. They had donned provocative clothing and wielded knives for the shoot. While the rumors mostly circled around one photo where Vanessa was pulling down on Lindsay's shirt, no other evidence of the two being more than pals ever surfaced.

May 2006
Lindsay Lohan was photographed kissing Stavros Niarchos, the ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton. A reported feud between Lohan and Hilton reportedly began following the fling. 

July 2006 -  September 2006
A serious relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton developed almost immediately, with Morton - the son of Hard Rock Cafe owner Peter Morton - and Lohan spotted out at many LA-area nightclubs. Morton finally split from Lohan, reportedly because he found their relationship to be "too much drama."

May 2007
Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best were photographed in a boozy weekend in the Bahamas, raising the eyebrows of many, as Lohan is just months out of her first stint in rehab. "He's a nice guy," Lohan revealed to "People" magazine. 

April 2008 -  March 2009
The press went nuts as photos of Lohan and London-based DJ Samantha Ronson began to appear holding hands and kissing. Their affair was at least tumultuous, with Lohan eventually accusing Ronson of drug use and infidelity via Twitter.

July 2010
Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be dating a woman named Eilat Anschel in the summer of 2010. The rumors quickly fizzled out.

August 2010 -  September 2010
Lindsay Lohan was reported to be back with DJ Samantha Ronson in August 2010 after her release from prison. 

September 2011
Lindsay Lohan and designer Philipp Plein were rumored to be dating after they spent some time together working on a campaign in Italy. 

Lindsay Lohan and her rumored boyfriend, hotelier Vikram Chatwal, appeared together in New York City. 

There were also rumors that Lindsay has been dating Robert Pattinson, Jude Law and the late Heath Ledger.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's dating history?

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