Thursday, January 31, 2013

David Beckham On Paris Saint-Germain: His Salary To Charity

David Beckham joined Paris Saint-Germain soccer team!

In detail, Beckham the L.A. Galaxy last month and signed a five-month deal with France's Paris Saint-Germain team.

Beckham made a public announcement on Thursday, claiming  he will donate his entire salary to charity.

Beckham stated in a press conference in Paris: "I'm excited, it's something we've been working on and talking about for quite a while."

Beckham was quoted as saying: "I won't receive any salary. My salary will go to a local children's charity. That's one of the things we are excited and proud to do. It's something exciting and I'm not sure it's been done before."

It has to be noted that Beckham recently returned with his family to London after he ended his five-and-a-half year stint with the L.A. Galaxy.

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