Sunday, February 10, 2013

Madonna On Instagram

There is no doubt that the Queen of Pop, Madonna, has embraced every fashion or pop culture trend. So, it's no surprising (but very exciting!!!) that the Queen today joined  Instagram.

In detail, Madonna opened an account on the photo-sharing network and posted a picture of her sipping from a martini glass complete with green olives swimming in the cocktail.

Madonna posted the snap along with the ever-so-charming caption: "Cheers motherf******! I'm on Instagram."

Needless to say that her millions of fans rushed not only to follow her, but post welcoming messages on her page.

For example one user, called "bigmama89", wrote: "omg omg omg. i've been waiting for so much time!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!"

Another user from the UK called "greatblighty" was quoted as saying: "welcome baby! XXX from England!" while another called "taychatlc" wrote: "Awesome! This should be fun @madonna."

Another user called "madicon" wrote: "The REAL Queen of Pop...and the Superbowl."

Are you excited to follow Madonna on Instagram?

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