Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Janice Dickinson Bankruptcy

According to reports, former supermodel Janice Dickinson is upset being broke and stressed because she has declared bankruptcy and wants to pay everyone back.

According to the bankruptcy court documents obtained by the New York Post, Dickinson, 58, is $1 million in debt, much of which seems to be attributed to doctor's bills for her plastic surgery procedures.

"I had some trouble, so yes, it is true," Janice revealed.

"I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back and I feel terrible about it," Janice explained.

On her list of debtors is Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein and anti-aging expert Dr. Uzzi Reiss, who are both owed more than $8,000 - and she also has unpaid taxes that date back more than a decade with her owing more than half a million dollars to the IRS and the states of California and New York.

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