Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ashley Tisdale Terrorized By Delusional Fan

According to reports, Ashley Tisdale, 27, has been terrorized by an obsessed fan.

Since November 2012, the former "High School Musical" star has received nearly 19,000 tweets from the fan, who even showed up at her home!

According to celebrity website TMZ, the LAPD is currently investigating the matter as the person tweeted at Tisdale 18,888 times, with the delusional belief he has an affair with her.

Some tweets include messages such as: "My body is yours & even as friends I f***in love how I make u feel like mom maybe we both got issues cuz nobody's perfect," and "Let it all out on me u can have my heart put a lock on it throw away the key & my soul is yours to keep."

According to TMZ, law enforcement knows the person's identity and is trying to determine whether that person poses a threat to Tisdale.

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