Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miley Cyrus On Britney Spears Friendship: "She's One Person In My Life Who Gets It"

Miley Cyrus talks about her friendship with Britney Spears in a new interview with Huffington Post UK.

The outlet asks Cyrus, 20, whether she feels that she and Spears, 31, have had similar journeys.

"Everyone goes through a time in their life where they don't want their picture taken everyday," Cyrus replied, explaining: "She just never had that time where she could say: "I'm going through something right now and need to shut down.""

Cyrus added: "I also don't have that, so it's good to have that one person in my life who gets it."

When Miley is asked about Britney being a role model to her, Cyrus is quoted as saying: "I just think it's never blaming you or making you feel like: "you've got all this going for you," it's like she knows."

"Sometimes life just steps in the middle of your career the way life always does for anyone - it's just ours is a little more 24/7," Cyrus claimed.

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