Thursday, August 29, 2013

Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones Split: "He Turned Into A Mean Old Man", Source Claims

The relationship of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones has always been a hot topic in showbiz.

Douglas, 68, revealed then that living with Zeta-Jones, 25 years his junior, is like fulfilling your every fantasy. She just felt the same about him.

"See that man over there? He's a movie star and I get to sleep with him every night!" Zeta-Jones yelled from the stage at the Tony Awards three years ago.

Another time, when the couple were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary at the St Regis Hotel in New York, Catherine jokingly asked her guests of the revels: "Is it too much? We don't give a ****!"

According to reports, her first gift to him after their union was 1,000 blank love cheques. Douglas, a noted Lothario, was invited to fill in any sexual demand and she was willing to comply.

Sadly now it is over. Yesterday they announced their 13-year marriage was in crisis and that they had made a mutual decision to "take some time apart" and "work on their marriage". 

Douglas has been spending time alone, in the South of France. She is with her mother and two kids in upstate New York, in a marvelous £3.2million home.

Douglas is said to have given up on the marriage some time ago and has already consulted lawyers, though neither he nor Catherine is said to be filing for a divorce at this stage.

The pair, who tied the knot in November 2000, have not been spotted together in public since April 22, when they made an appearance arm-in-arm on the red carpet at the 40th Annual Chaplin Award Gala in New York.

They are said to have made the decision to separate in May after Douglas came back from this year's Cannes Film Festival, where he was promoting his latest film "Behind The Candelabra" but chose to make the official announcement yesterday.

A spokesman for Zeta-Jones was quoted as saying: "Catherine and Michael are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage. There will be no further comment."

Their union has been devastated by a series of crises. First, Douglas's son Cameron was jailed for five years for dealing cocaine and methamphetamine in 2010. Then he was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer, which he stated was brought on by a combination of anxiety, heavy drinking, smoking and even oral sex.

Someone who spent time with the couple recently explained that the 25-year age gap has been a factor: "Michael has gotten to be a mean old man. He finds fault in her all the time, it is an ugly atmosphere. He is grouchy and hard to live with. They have been arguing for years."

One source revealed at the time that they could "barely stand being together. Whenever they are in the same room, it usually turns into a blazing row."

Douglas fueled the gossip by joking in an interview that he planned to cast his wife in a film and portray the villain, murdering either her or her "young leading man".

The following year Douglas noted that he and Zeta-Jones were no longer sleeping together...

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