Friday, September 27, 2013

Nathan Sykes Surgery

British singer and songwriter Nathan Sykes, best known as the baby of the UK group "The Wanted", took a  break recently from his band to have an operation on his throat for a haemorraging vocal cord.

The procedure was performed in April 2013 and their reality show "The Wanted Life" has been focused on Sykes' throat surgery.

Nathan figured out that something wrong was going on when his voice became dodgy during a gig at the Hollywood Palladium. "My voice is just whacked. It's like, not there," Nathan said on camera then, noting: "I feel a bit sore. It just feels like my throat is burning." He even told his manager: "This couldn't happen at a worse time. We've got so much going on."

After the surgery Nathan admitted how terrified he was during the whole ordeal. He revealed to Daybreak: "It was pretty severe, I was pretty scared for a while…it wasn't pleasant."

He stated: "It's a lot better, there's still a bit of recovery to do, but slowly and steadily and all that."

It has to be noted that the rest of the group was pretty supportive during this difficult time.

"The Wanted" released a statement then, saying: "Nathan Sykes will under go specialist throat surgery on Thursday 18th April in Los Angeles and as such will be taking an unforeseen hiatus from The Wanted. The priority for Nathan, his label and management is that he is given time to recover and receive the best treatment possible. The remaining four members of The Wanted will continue fulfilling the bands promotional commitments across the world."

Nathan was surrounded by his bandmates, who embraced him during his emotional comeback.

Nathan was quoted as saying: "Moments like this is what I live for - If I died right now, I die a happy man. You know what - I'm home."

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