Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Snooki: "I Love Kristen Stewart Because She's Slutty" (VIDEO)

Snooki wants to be friends with Twilight actress Kristen Stewart.

"I love Kristen Stewart. I feel like she has this little slutty side to her that I love," Snooki revealed in a new "Celebrity Gift Guide" video, adding: "Who doesn't love sluts?"

The Christmas present Snooki, 26, would give to Stewart, 23, is turning her into a real vampire, having her wed Edward Cullen (but in "real life") and then having the pair raise a baby unicorn. Of course, she would give her a friendship bracelet.

Snooki was quoted as saying: "I feel like we could be friends, because she's fun and she's slutty, and I love her."

Snooki also believes Stewart has beautiful "eyeballs."

Check out the video below...

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