Friday, February 21, 2014

Sophie Turner Quotes

1. I have three main inspirations for acting; Natalie Portman, Dakota Fanning and Cameron Diaz. Natalie Portman, because of the variation between all of the characters she has played and how dedicated she is to a role, for instance "Black Swan" involved several months of constant training and weight loss in order to be prepared for the role. Dakota Fanning, because she began acting from the young age of 5 and has thrived in her career throughout. Cameron Diaz, because she was a model who landed a job on the film "The Mask", she had no acting experience and was thrown in the deep end and grew stronger as both a person and an actress.

2. You've got to be able to wear your clothes, don't let the clothes wear you.

3. I feel like Sansa and Margaery's friendship is real, but perhaps their intentions towards each other are not.

4. In order to prepare for a scene as shocking and upsetting as that scene, I had to really remove myself from myself (if that makes sense) and be Sansa, not Sophie Turner acting Sansa, I had to be her. By doing this, it meant that instead of Sophie seeing all these fake heads, it meant that Sansa was seeing all these real heads and so it all became a reality to me. I would often cry when I read the script for the scene because it was such a heartbreaking and horrific scene that it would really get to me.

5. My mum has been an influence on me in the way that she is a very independent woman who never has to fall back or rely on other people and she can always find her own way. In the performing arts as a business, it is a very tough business, in which you have to learn to be independent and responsible very quickly and my mum taught me that from a very young age

6. After my final audition, and my first audition with Maisie, I felt absolutely sure that she was going to be Arya, there was no doubt in my mind. It wasn't a matter of "will Maisie get the part?" but "when will it be announced that Maisie has got the part?" 

7. I am very dedicated to the role, so in the morning before filming, I tend to be quite quiet, not only because I'm tired but because I need to start and finish the day as Sansa and so I don't tend to talk much (which is very hard for me) or think about my life too much. Although, when I am on set, I am quite able to slip in and out of my character quite easily. When I was in Malta, filming a dramatic scene as soon as they yelled "cut" i would run off and join Maisie and was able to be my normal bubbly self. Sometimes it's not so easy, especially in scenes in which I have to cry, once I have begun to cry I can't stop and I have to go and talk to my mum for a while to calm myself down.

8. I wanted to pursue acting from a very young age and I have always interested in it. I began acting when I joined my local theatre group (Playbox Theatre) when I was three and have been passionate about it ever since. I always used to make up shows with my friends, mainly with my close friend Ellie Johnson but she soon got tired of it. I would always be the most crazy, the most loud out of all my friends and I used to channel that energy into dressing up and putting on shows. It's been a huge part of my life and without acting I would be lost.

9. Playbox Theatre is a fantastic youth theatre which never forces or moulds people to become a certain type of person or actor, they never want to make a "Playbox actor". Playbox works with different peoples talents and structures them and guides them, showing them how to use their talents to their advantage and mould them into an independent actor not a certain breed of young Playbox actors. Playbox brought out my confidence and that helped me not only in acting but also in my personal life.

10. I definitely think that we improved one another's performances because Maisie was and still is so good at what she does that I couldn't help feeding off that "annoying little sister" energy that she brought through in her performance and I think she fed off my "annoying older sister" energy that I was giving off, so it just worked. We had a lot of chemistry that I hadn't had when I had auditioned with other Arya's. As soon as I entered the room and saw Maisie I gave her a high five asked her her name and we just clicked. After every take we would high five each other and we gave each other a massive hug at the end, we were immediately friends.

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