Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grace Coddington Dating

Grace Coddington is a former model and the creative director of American Vogue magazine. Wanna know who dated Grace? Let us examine Grace Coddington's dating history below…  

unknown date
Grace Coddington dated Mick Jagger. Coddington revealed in her memoir that the Rolling Stones frontman and assorted other members of the swingin sixties set lived near her apartment and once when Jagger was over she and he started "making out". 

1965 - 1969
Grace Coddington dated restaurateur Michael Chow. Pattie Boyd stated in her autobiography that Mr. Chow dated Grace in the 60's back when Grace was modeling. The pair got married in 1968. They divorced a year later.

1976 - 1980
Grace Coddington dated photographer Willie Christie. The two tied the knot and divorced in 1980, because Coddington was quoted as saying: "It's difficult to be employed by your wife."

 1981 - Present
Grace Coddington dated hairdresser and partner Didier Malige. In 1986 Grace moved to New York to work for Calvin Klein, which meant she could spend more time with him, whom she met on a shoot in the early 1980s. Coddington has since then lived with him and several cats.

What do you think of Grace Coddington's dating history?

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