Friday, June 27, 2014

Dane DeHaan Quotes

1. I always wanted to be an actor, but my top three favorite actors of all time are Al Pacino, James Dean and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

2. (on playing James Dean in "Life") Whenever I bring up the film with people, they always have something very specific to say about him (James Dean), whether it's something that's true or something that's been created, because of his whole myth and how iconic he's become. He's a person that has made such a big impact in so many people's lives, and he's also my favorite actor.

3. I always thought James Dean was this acting nerd like I am. He was just born with the talent to act and this vivid imagination. But the way he went about getting there was actually kind of annoying.

4. There's a wealth of information on James Dean, and everybody has an opinion on him. James Dean made some kind of impression on everybody.

5. (on James Dean) So there's definitely a responsibility to honor him, and honor who he really was, and try to dig the truth out of all the stories that have been told about him and all the stories that have been made up, what's true and what's not. I think for every fact you can find about James Dean, you can find a fact that's the complete opposite. Everybody has a different story, and ultimately it's been a really interesting process of digging through everything and trying to figure out who he really is. 

6. I don't draw things from my own life when I'm acting. Ultimately, my job is to portray a living, breathing human being and to act truthfully under imaginary circumstances. I learn things from everything I do, but I'm constantly trying to better myself as an actor.

7. I really just want to continue to challenge myself. And I want to continue to grow as an artist. I never want to stop.

8. I don't really look at it in terms of age, the parts that I've kind of gotten a chance to sink my teeth into have been amazing. I just look at it as an acting challenge and it's a challenge within itself to be 25-28 today - years old and have to come across believably 17 years old in a movie.

9. I was a big "Blue Valentine" fan. I really loved that movie. And I thought the performances were just unbelievably real, which is certainly what I always strive for in my work.

10. Comic-book movies are where my childhood fantasies meet my adulthood acting fantasies. I really, truly started acting by playing superheroes in my backyard.

11. I'm not the kind of person that seeks out other people's opinions on my works.

12. My parents were just really weird and protective about the music I listened to. Whenever I wanted to buy an album, they would have to buy it first and listen to it and let me know if I could have it.

13. If the script is great, and the part seems, like, really kind of complicated and terrifying - and if I read something and I say: "I'm not sure I can do this" or "I don't think…I doubt my ability to do this", then that's probably what I want to do.

14. I'm really bad at lying. I'm one of the worst liars I know. But if I can convince myself to believe something's happening, I can do that.

15. We just did it. Any time I have a love interest in a movie, it's my job to actually fall in love with them. While I was making this movie, I totally fell in love with Dan.

16. When people recognize your work and want to reward you for what you've done, that's a good feeling.

17. Coming out of school I was fully prepared for a lifetime career in regional theater. But as it's snowballing, I become hungrier and hungrier.

18. Inevitably, I think the people that want to work with me are also the people that I want to work with.

19. I'm not so sure I believe in dopplegangers. I just prefer to be Dane DeHaan.

20. My parents have Google Alerts on me. So they'll often times send me an e-mail and be like: "Hey did you know this?" And then I'll be like: "Well, it is, like, my life. So yes, I did know that." Or, "That's not even true. I don't know where you read that." I have Googled myself, yes. But my parents really have Google Alerts on me.

21. I've always said that if I could do anything in the world, I would be a professional golfer.

22. I'm always looking for ways to challenge myself, and ways to do things that are kind of scary.

23. I love being directed. I always find it helpful to have someone else's brain in the mix and not just have to rely on myself.

24. I started going to acting school in my senior year in high school, and I remained in acting school through four years of college.

25. It was weird - my parents would let me have some Green Day albums but not all Green Day albums.

26. I like to believe that most human beings go about things with a point of view that they're just doing what they feel like they need to do at that time. Sometimes people make bad decisions, but it's not evil.

27. The Prohibition era is so vividly depicted in "Lawless." John Hillcoat does a remarkable job of rooting his film in such a tangible reality.

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