Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Miranda Lambert Discusses Beyonce And Blake Shelton In Rolling Stone

Miranda Lambert spoke out in Rolling Stone's Country Issue about her obsession with Beyonce and her own "pretty instantaneous" rise to stardom with husband Blake Shelton.  

Surprised about Beyonce's work ethic, Lambert, 30, is quoted as saying: "She's a girl from Houston, and she worked her butt off to get where she is," noting: "She's not just being carted around on her chariot; she's driving it."

Like Beyonce, 32, Lambert also shares the limelight with her similarly popular husband.

"One day we were country singers, and the next we're on the front of the tabloids," Miranda said of her life with Shelton.

"I'm, like, really magical. I've been pregnant for two and a half years," Lambert laughed, making fun of the weekly magazines.

Despite their fame, Shelton, who participated in the interview, revealed his wife will get into a bar fight if she gets infuriated enough.

"People always try to pop off or call her bluff at bars," Shelton, 37, claimed, referring to an incident with "the lead singer of a very popular rock band. His initials are C.K." (Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, according to Rolling Stone).

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