Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drake Bell Slams Justin Bieber For Orlando Bloom Fight (PHOTOS)

Drake Bell is making fun of Justin Bieber for his brawl with Orlando Bloom.

Just in case you have missed it, Bieber, 20, and Bloom, 37, had a nasty fight in Spain, before being separated by their respective entourages.

Late on Wednesday, Bell, 28, took to twitter to blast Justin for having a bodyguard allegedly keep him safe during the dispute.

The "Drake & Josh" star posted two pictures featuring a tiny puppy - meant to be Bieber - being protected by a much larger one.

Not shockingly, the attacks didn't sit well with Beliebers, urging Bell to write to one infuriated tweeter: "you can't take a joke?! geez."

Surprisingly, afterwards Bell deleted his posts.

Bell, however, then tweeted one final diss.

"Can you kids start looking up to a good person?!" Bell wrote.

Needless to say that many celebrities have been taking to twitter to comment on the incident, but Bell and Bieber are well-known of their feuds many times before.

Check out Drake Bell's tweets below…

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