Friday, July 25, 2014

Justin Theroux Reveals His Many "Mug Shots" On "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (VIDEO)

Justin Theroux dropped by ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Thursday, where he joked about his alleged "bad boy" reputation.  

Kimmel, 46, started the segment by poking fun at his pal's Details cover, saying: "Did you agree to be in the magazine or did they capture you and make you a part of it?"

Theroux, 42, jokingly claimed: "I think I just finished crying."

The host then brought up Theroux's "bad boy" snapshot, stating: "I know you…You don't do drugs…You're a good boy."

Theroux revealed he "would like to think" he's a good boy - as would his mom.

"You don't have any skeletons in your closet?" Kimmel asked.

"I've got some skeletons," Jennifer Aniston's fiancé teased, explaining: "I think you can't really come into Hollywood without a couple of mug shots under your belt."

Then Theroux noted that he has been arrested "many times."

"You think you know me, Jimmy, but you don't me," Theroux pointed out. He then urged Kimmel to Google his "many" mug shots.

"Everything's on the internet," Theroux told, adding: "None of us can escape it."

Check out the funny video below…

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