Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taylor Swift: "I'm No Longer Enamored By Romance" (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift revealed she is no longer "enamored by romance."  

In an interview with Fusion, after the debut of "Shake It Off" and announcement of her upcoming album "1989", Swift was quoted as saying: "(RED) was a devastating record. It was about dealing with an intense heartbreak," while "1989" is about "the phase after that where you brush yourself off and you're ok."

Taylor also opened up about her priorities now that she is 24.

"At this point, I just want to be with my friends and I want to make music and I want to play shows," Swift explained, noting: "I want to travel the world and I want to define my life on my own terms. That's my list of priorities now, which is different than it was a couple of years ago."

The country singer also pointed out that she doesn't want her new single "Shake It Off" to be about her critics.

"I want (this song) to be about the girl who's criticizing someone in the 11th grade because she thinks her hair looks stupid, and then that girl goes and cries in the bathroom because of it," Swift claimed, adding: "These are the things that we go through in every stage of our life."

The good thing is that Swift, as she confesses, has great pals to help through these experiences.

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