Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cate Blanchett "So Fu*king Proud Of Emma Watson"

Cate Blanchett graces the cover of PORTER magazine's latest issue and she looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Blanchett, 45, opened up to the mag about the media: "I'm really fascinated by what we accept and what we ignore and how we process the white noise being shoveled down our throats. It used to be you'd go to the hairdressers and pick up those evil magazines and feel dirty. It's like watching too much porn, I guess."

The Oscar winner commented about Emma Watson's famous UN speech: "I was so fu*king proud of Emma Watson's speech at the UN. It was brilliant, such an incredible use of her airspace, and really passionate. It was fantastic."

Cate also shared with the the outlet about moving to Sydney: "We're really boring. We've got three kids; I'm not married to an actor. No one's interested in us, and that's part of the reason why we live here - because nobody gives a sh*t."

She also talked about being judged by other mothers: "You know there's an extra judgment. You know they're really observing how you parent. They don't know that you cram everything in to make space for your kids like any working parent. Playing the lead in a film where you shoot for three months away from home is not an easy thing for me when my children are in school and my husband is running a theater company. They assume you have a nanny and a driver and a chef. Who gives a sh*t whether I do or not? The fact is, I don't, but you know there is a certain circle of people - and we all get insecure - who then ask: "Why can't she brush her hair?" You just have to shrug that off."

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