Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jenny Slate Quotes

1. I just want to be able to be creative.

2. I didn't hit puberty until I was, like, 17, so I love to talk about that. Before you hit puberty, you have this growing, really urgent sense of horniness.

3. Probably the best marijuana induced question I've ever asked is last night's masterpiece "who is more famous: Marilyn Monroe or Mt Everest?"

4. I used to hide what my vagina does to my underpants.

5. There's a lot of different parts to me, so it makes total sense to me that I would do a big TV show or studio movie and then do a free comedy show the next day. They both feel equally important to me.

6. Coca is from a plant. The South Americans would chew it and be like: "We have so much energy and we aren't so hungry and we hiked the whole Andes!" But really, they were just on cocaine.

7. I tend to be a bit of a workaholic, but I also can't function without some sort of domesticity as well.

8. I guess some people want to be performers because they want to be famous.

9. I really like to cook and have dinner parties and I like to clean, it really clears my head and it makes me feel good to keep my home as a comfortable place.

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