Friday, March 27, 2015

Anna Faris: "I Love To Cook Big, Fattening Meals"

Anna Faris recently revealed some things about her diet and body.

In an interview with Health magazine, Faris, 38, said: "I definitely gained a bit of weight with my pregnancy. I love to cook big, fattening meals. I make a really good roast chicken with homemade croutons that are fried and delicious."

The actress went on: "I used to be able to spend all day making a meal - drinking wine, cooking and watching television. That was the best way to spend a Saturday, adding: "Right now, I'm chasing (her son) Jack all day long. As he gets older, I'm sure I'll find it trickier to keep the weight off because we'll start to sit down for meals. And Chris (Pratt) won't let me cook those meals for him anymore. It's just sad. (Laughs)"

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