Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bai Ling Plastic Surgery

Chinese-born American actress Bai Ling - best known for starring in the films "The Crow", "Wild Wild West" and "Anna and the King" - is rumored to have had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.  

Ling, now 48, is rumored to have got botox injections to maintain her youthful appearance.

The Asian actress is at an age when many Hollywood female celebrities begin procedures such as facelifts and fillers to stay away from the aging signs

According to plastic surgeon expert Dr. Paul S. Nassif: "Bai Ling does not have any obvious indications of plastic surgery. It is possible she had some Botox, but nothing further. She looks great for 43, and seems comfortable in her shoes."

Plastic surgeon Dr Sherrell J Aston was quoted as saying: "After reviewing Ms. Ling's photographs it appears that she has been blessed with not only attention-grabbing style, but also great genes. I do not think she has had any surgery to date."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen claimed: "Bai Ling looks all right from the factory, anyway there is nothing obvious."

Ling dismissed the plastic surgery rumors, saying: "Myself, I will never have plastic surgery. When you do that, you start to lose yourself."

Conclusion: Bai Ling appears beautiful, youthful and natural with little or no help from plastic surgery.

What do you think? Did Bai Ling have plastic surgery?

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