Saturday, March 28, 2015

Michelle Visage: "The Gays Have Turned Their Backs On Madonna" (VIDEO)

Michelle Visage recently talked about Madonna following the debut of her new album "Rebel Heart", which was dubbed a "commercial flop". 

"The gays have turned their backs on Madonna," Visage, 46, told Jonny McGovern on Wednesday's "Hey Qween," noting she is a "once in a lifetime" kind of talent who deserves everyone's ultimate respect and worship.

"It makes me so sad that the children today really don't know what she is," the singer and host explained, adding: "To me, we will never see a superstar ever in our lifetime like Madonna or Michael Jackson. There's been fringe ones - there's Whitney Houston, there's Mariah - but there will never be (another Madonna.)"

"The gays have kind of turned their back on her. These young gays don't know what she did for the community and what she continues to do…she did so much for HIV/AIDS, she has done so, so much for the gays. So much, and they forget. The young ones don't even see her", Michelle added.

Check out the video below...

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