Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blake Lively Shares Embarrassing Story About Meeting President Obama (VIDEO)

Blake Lively stopped by "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Wednesday to promote her new movie "Age of Adaline".

During the show, Lively, 27, opened up about embarrassing herself in front of President Barack Obama at a dinner.

"I met Obama and I had my whole speech planned," the former "Gossip Girl" star revealed, noting: "He was introducing himself to everyone and they were talking about the way that they were gonna change the world. He came to me and I was just like "I… Hope!" It was just like me summoning hope for myself, it was awful."

Blake added: "The only thing I could think of was that he'd left my husband a voicemail when he was running for president. So I said: "You left my husband a voicemail!" And he was like: "…Cool!" And I said: "And he deleted it!" It was just like: "why did I say that?"

Check out the video below...


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