Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery

Chinese-born American actress Lindsay Price, best known for her roles as Janet Sosna on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and as Victory Ford on "Lipstick Jungle",  is rumored to have had plastic surgery to get ahead in her career.  

Price, now 38, is speculated to have had a double eyelid surgery, nose job, chin and jaw implants.

Many celebrity watchers estimate that the star landed the character of Victory Ford thanks to several plastic surgeries.

Although there are no many photos from the past to prove that Price has undergone procedures, the fact that her eyes look more European as they got bigger over the years is an evidence that Lindsay succumbed to plastic surgery to be more acceptable to American society.

We should take into account, however, that lighting, camera angles and make-up play a a major role in an actress' appearance.

Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Jennifer Walden told Make Me Heal: "Lindsay Price is gorgeous Asian American woman who appears more Westernized in recent photos than in earlier ones.  This could due to subtleties in camera angle, makeup color palette, hair color and style, and clothing choice; since there are not a lot of photos of her in the earlier days it is difficult to really tell".

"Based upon the one early photo provided, it seems she may have undergone double eyelid surgery, a procedure to give more of an upper lid sulcus and contour similar to Caucasian eyes. Her jaw has a squarer angle when I compare the pictures I have, which may be due to angle of the camera, but I suppose the possibility of mandibular and/ or chin augmentation with implant(s) exists," Dr. Walden went on.

"Her very straight and narrow nasal bridge with the contour and height that may be due to a nicely done rhinoplasty or a genetic blessing," Dr. Walden explained, adding: "It is not uncommon for patients of Eastern decent that request rhinoplasty that have a naturally low nasal dorsum, or bridge, to get an implant placed in this area to give the nose more height."

There's no doubt that Lindsay Price is blessed with good genes.

It has to be mentioned that Price has not confirmed nor dismissed the plastic surgery rumors.

What do you think? Did Lindsay Price get plastic surgery?

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