Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kat Graham Hopes "Vampire Diaries" Fans Will Connect To Each Other

Kat Graham poses for the cover of Unite4:Good Magazine's June/July 2015 issue and she looks absolutely gorgeous

In an interview with the mag, Graham, 25, opened up about her work with the UNHCR and Syrian refugees, explaining why she got involved.

The "Vampire Diaries" star said: "One of the things that I hope that readers will take away from this is that this is a crisis that keeps growing. There is no resolution at this point."

Graham spoke out about her fans, claiming: "I'm hoping that my young fans will continue to hold themselves responsible for helping make the world a better place, whether that is via their social media or how they speak to each other."

The actress also discussed bullying.

"This is a generation (that engages in) a lot of bullying, and oftentimes with lack of awareness of that is happening around the world. I hope that through an international TV show like Vampire Diaries, or music that connects across the globe, that many of my fans will connect to each other, and then through each other find different ways of helping create a global community that supports each other, no matter your race or religion," Kat was quoted as saying.

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