Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Madonna Partied So Hard For Her 57th Birthday That Neighbors Called The Cops

Madonna celebrated her 57th birthday on August 16 until the wee hours of Sunday morning in the Hamptons, New York, infuriating many of her neighbors as the noise reached such a decibel level that "the neighbors' houses were shaking."

According to celebrity website TMZ, police officers arrived at the location at 2:30 a.m. due to a noise complaint.

Sources, however, revealed to the outlet that someone had tipped off the partygoers as they muted the sound just as cops arrived.

"The partygoers knew something was about to go down so they muted the noise", TMZ reported.

Another source also stated that music level bounced right back up after law enforcement abandoned the scene.

The Queen of Pop was spotted the next evening out with her kids for another birthday celebration in Hollywood.

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