Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals How He Prepared For His Role In "Everest"

Jake Gyllenhaal recently opened up about how he got ready for his role in "Everest". 

"There's a tremendous responsibility trying to re-create something which has happened," Gyllenhaal, 34, said during a press conference for the movie. This led him to meet with the kids of the man he plays.

The actor also spent time in a 30,000-foot simulator with his co-star Josh Brolin.

"Josh and I decided to stay longer. We thought we could handle it, and we were feeling good. We were laughing and talking about the fact that we didn't think it was so bad, and then, all of a sudden, we got out of the chamber and just felt sick. We realized the power of being so high up and what that does to your mind," Gyllenhaal explained.

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