Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kristen Stewart: "There Are Sociopathic Actors"

Kristen Stewart recent opened up about moving back and forth between independent and studio movies. 

In an interview with Indiewire, Stewart, 25, said: "I feel equally invested and fervently drawn to every part I've done. I've never done anything where I was like: "OK, let's just get this one finished". A lot of actors say "One for them, one for me", but I could never do that. I would be terrible. They would fire me."

"If you step outside of yourself and start tactically maneuvering your career, it actually makes no sense whatsoever, I don't think it's possible. Sure, there are sociopathic actors out there. But acting requires your heart to be so, so in it," the actress explained, adding: "Every single time I agree to do a movie I'm terrified. I think: "Oh my God, am I really going to tell them that I can do this?" But then I jump in. It's always the same, the budget makes no difference."

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