Saturday, November 7, 2015

Natalie Dormer Reveals How She Survived The "Hunger Games" Arena

Natalie Dormer poses for the cover of Women's Health magazine's December 2015 issue and she looks absolutely fit.

In an interview with the mag, Dormer, 33, opened up about how she'd have survived "The Hunger Games" arena.

"What does Natalie Dormer do to survive the arena? I run a lot - I would as far into the corner as possible (Laughs). Just keep running from one terrible situation to another and hoping that I leg it in time. I don't know. I'd die basically if I was in the arena. I think the cannon would go. Oh god, what would I need to have with me? Brienne of Tarth. Can I cross-pollinate? If I could take Gwendoline Christie (from "Game of Thrones") into the arena with me, I will probably be fine," Natalie said.

Dormer shared about the best part of her career: "I just love acting so much because it's basically an analysis, an exploration of ordinary live. So for every story, every walk of life that you could go and look through, there will be a script out there for it hopefully eventually. I like to challenge myself, and shake it up a bit. That's why I've gone from dystopian future to corsets, and I'm excited about doing a horror and having tried a different genre. I'll just continue to shake it up, work with writers, directors and producers that I really respect, and try to keep challenging myself and take myself out of my comfort zone. And maybe I'll try CrossFit…at some juncture!"

The star also discussed the final "Hunger Games".

"Well this is the grand finale of the saga of the "Hunger Games". This is the forth movie, the massive climax to the series…It operates at a very high spectacle level. It was so fun for all of us as a large eclectic cast to really finish the story. And I'm really grateful to have been a part of the family. It's going to be epic and I don't use that word lightly", Dormer explained.

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