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Aaliyah Quotes

1. I think it's important to take a break, you know, from the public eye for a while, and give people a chance to miss you. I want longevity. I don't want to get out there and run myself ragged and spread myself thin. 

2. In film, you are a totally different person than in the video.

3. Being female, you're raised to be a good, sweet girl and not flip out. So I had to give myself permission to be mean and evil. It's tough. But I've always been drawn to the darker side of things.

4. (interview in July 2001 with Germany's "Die Zeit" newspaper that eerily predicts her death) It is dark in my favorite dream. Someone is following me. I don't know why. I'm scared. Then suddenly I lift off. Far away. How do I feel? As if I am swimming in the air. Free. Weightless. Nobody can reach me. Nobody can touch me. It's a wonderful feeling.

5. It's fun to be creative and innovative and come up with something crazy. So I need people to work with who are not going to be afraid to take it to the left a bit.

6. I'm involved in some action scenes, so they'll train me for that. I'll be working with my acting coach to prepare for my character.

7. In this business, it is very hard to have anything for yourself, because you become a public figure. That comes with the territory.

8. Because I came out as a singer, I took the time to get an acting coach.

9. My parents just tell me, if you know what you want, you should stay determined and go for it. You can do anything.

10. The Matrix is top secret. There isn't much that can be said right now.

11. You have to love what you do to want to do it everyday.

12. I was very involved. When I got with the producers, I told them I wanted an album with different moods, different flavors. I wanted to talk about relationships and have party songs.

13. There are times in my life when I just want to be by myself.

14. I'm the interpreter. I'm the one who takes your words and brings them to life. I was trained to sing and dance and laugh, and that's what I want to do.

15. All I can do is leave it in God's hands and hope that my fans feel where I'm coming from.

16. I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.

17. I began to work the stage and get the audience into it. I also learned how to have fun out there. It is something I will never forget.

18. Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.

19. If I don't think about it, it won't drive me crazy.

20. I know that people think I'm sexy and I am looked at as that. It is cool with me. It's wonderful to have sexy appeal. If you embrace it, it can be a very beautiful thing.

21. There are times I can't even figure myself out.

22. It's hard to say what I want my legacy to be when I'm long gone.

23. If you want to go to the mall, you have to take security. But it's always cool. The kids are amazing.

24. I've always been mysterious. There are times when I don't understand myself. I think I'm a bit of a vampire in real life and there are times when I just want to be myself.

25. I don't want to abandon one work for the other, and I don't think I need to sacrifice anything to put my all into either one of them.

26. (on her inspirations) Sade. How beautiful is she? I chose her because I idolize her. I've always looked up to her. She and I have the same birthday which is January 16th so I feel like she is my soul sister. What I love about Sade is that she stays true to her style no matter what. She can leave us for 8 years and come back and be absolutely mind blowing. And you gotta respect that.

27. There are certain things I want to keep to me. I don't discuss my private life.

28. I want people to remember me as a full-on entertainer and a good person.

29. I'm a total performer.

30. In film, you are a totally different person than in the video.

31. There are certain things I want to keep to me. I don't discuss my private life.

32. I don't feel I made any sacrifices at all. I'm doing my best to juggle.

33. "Romeo Must Die" came at the right time. It was the right vehicle for me.

34. It was always part of the plan to move into acting.

35. I'm the interpreter. I'm the one who takes your words and brings them to life. I was trained to sing and dance and laugh, and that's what I want to do.

36. It's in how you carry yourself. I've always been a very mature person and I've always known what I wanted. And I go after it no matter what.

37. I see myself as sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and appealing.

38. I don't think about my previous success. I'm happy that the work I've done has been very successful.

39. (in reference to losing during her appearance on "Star Search" as a child) It hurts but you pick yourself up and move on like nothing happened.

40. I'm a survivor and I can handle anything. I'm very confident about that.

41. I have the time needed to support the album and tour.

42. Everything is worth it. The hard work, the times when you're tired, the times where you're a bit sad...In the end, it's all worth it because it really makes me happy. There's nothing better than loving what you do.

43. That's why I work every day. Ev-er-y-day. I want to knock people out.

44. Keep working hard and you can get anything that you want.

45. Sensual is being in tune with your sensual self.

46. Well, I think that the image is a part of me. I wear the baggy pants, the hats, the whole nine. And you know, I may add a little for the excitement and the intrigue in the videos, but my family has told me that little air of mystery that surrounds me is for real.

47. It's really a sad story, and I liked that. The songs on this album talk about relationships in every aspect.

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Selena Gomez Calls Police About Home Intruder

Selena Gomez called police officers to her property on Sunday, terrified she had another trespasser.

Gomez, 21, alerted the cops as soon as she saw her back door was wide open. However, cops replying to the call didn't find an intruder and it may have been that she forgot to close the door.

Of course, Selena has reasonable concerns.

Just in case you have missed it, back in March a male by the name of Che Cruz was busted for breaking into Gomez's residence and after being released was picked up again a few days later for also trespassing on her home.

Cruz is now in a mental heath treatment center.

TMZ was the first to report the latest news.

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Keke Palmer Quotes

1. I'm a mash-up of everyone. My influences would be Michael Jackson, Brandy, Aaliyah - those types of people. So if you can imagine them - and with me taking them, and then putting my own twist and the influence on it - that's musically what I would sound like.

2. I think you can do anything you put your mind to. I think your mind is the worst thing you can use as a reason to not do something.

3. I would like to do a music person's story, a bio. I've wanted to do Aaliyah forever. But I don't want it to always be like: "I'm singing again in a movie."

4. You have to understand that when things go wrong in your life, it doesn't mean you need to quit. It means you need to get stronger and change your plan.

5. I'm totally normal. I love watching movies and hanging out with my friends at my house. I still go to the mall; I love to text and go on my computer. I'm totally normal - sounds kind of boring, right?

6. My father's a deacon, my mother's a choir director, so I grew up in the church and singing in the choir, begging my mom if I could have a solo.

7. I've been able to stay good because of my family and keeping God first. If you don't have God in your life, how are you going to navigate through this world?

8. I feel like you have to tell people who you are, but you don't have to be disrespectful about it. But you also don't have to be a shrinking violet.

9. I've never really had a first date! Well, I had kind of a first date. I went out with this kid. We went ice skating, but it was not fun. It was so terrible that I told him my curfew was a lot earlier than it really was.

10. Singing was my first passion. Whenever I sing, I'm always so happy.

11. The music industry is something that I'm still trying to understand. With acting, I've been doing it for so long that I understand every aspect of it for the most part - there are obviously still more aspects that I need to learn - but I have a grasp on it. With music, I'm still learning. I'm still getting used to it.

12. I don't wish for anything. Wishing for a million dollars feels greedy. I just wish for the best for me.

13. There's not always going to be something out there for you, especially not a positive role, so once you get up there and start being well known, you can't just think projects will come to you. You have to start doing your own projects because if you don't, you'll miss out, and eventually your fame will be over.

14. My parents are my role models. All they've done for me, they're just major people in my life. They've stood by me and got me where I am today.

15. Working with Ice Cube was so tight. He's cool, and I really like how he does family stuff. My guy friends couldn't believe I was chillin' with him. Dudes love Ice Cube.

16. We need to stop separating ourselves by how dark or how light we are.

17. Some of my favorite style icons are Kate Moss and Rihanna, except I'm a little bit younger. I put a little bit more teenage into it.

18. I work out. I'm getting toned, too. The Wii Fit really works your body. When I get off, I'm dying.

19. Someday I would really love to do a talk show. That's something I've always been interested in. I like to talk, and I love to help people.

20. You can do anything as long as you don't stop believing. When it is meant to be, it will be. You just have to follow your heart.

21. You're going to have to speak up for yourself - and I learned that after always being, for lack of a better word, crapped on.

22. Just as many people that love me, hate me, too. I get really mean, mean, mean, mean comments on Twitter, and it just comes with the territory.

23. I really look up to Will Smith. He's internationally known, and people know him from everything. I don't know any kid who hasn't seen and liked "Fresh Prince", or you'll like one of his movies or his music. He's perfect, and he's done everything. That's my dream: to be internationally known.

24. If you focus more on the inside, you'll feel just as great about the outside. I feel attractive when I'm doing good and helping people.

25. Urban Outfitters - I love it. It's almost like Forever 21, but for, like, the 24 - to 25 -year-old girl, getting a little bit older.

26. Not being happy really is my fear.

When people think of me initially, they remember me as "Akeelah." Sometimes it can be frustrating to be remembered at an age that you've outgrown.

27. I'm a workaholic, so I ignore the signs of fatigue and just keep going and going, and then conk out when I get home. It can be pretty stressful.

28. You should never look at somebody and say "I wish I had their life," because you never really know what struggles they're going through.

29. Corbin Bleu was my first kiss in life. I was 12, and he was, like, my first kiss for TV…It was on the lips!

30. Whether it be in acting, music, or even in dancing, I only want to do things that I truly connect to, and with my music, it's everything that I am.

31. Whatever my situation is, I want to show that I'm not perfect, and perfect isn't real. The youth need to know that, especially.

32. Anything that controls my state of mind I never really want to do because I always want to be under control. That might be part of me being a Virgo. I never want to do something that stops me from being in control of who I am and my actions.

33. I can dance. I like hip hop and stuff and jazz movements, but I'm horrible in ballet. I tried.

34. Real faith is when you believe in something that you can't see. When things are going really bad and you can still get up and say I believe that they're gonna get better, that there's a higher lesson to what I'm going through. It can be hard sometimes, and to turn it around like that, that's true faith.

35. I think people should have fun. And don't get so down on yourself. Enjoy life and be the best person you can be.

36. People that want to be in the tabloids will get into the tabloids. I just stay home and don't go out much. My personality is not an introvert, but that's how I am as far as going out to parties. I just stay in my house and hang out with friends.

37. I definitely want to play someone who's inspired me. I would love to play Aaliyah; it would be personal because I love her so much.

38. When I was a kid, people people would always say: "Oh you look like Chilli from TLC." It wasn't until I did "Akeelah and the Bee" that people started saying I looked like Angela Bassett, but before then it was Chilli.

39. Actually, Keke is my nickname. When I was little, my sister was about four years old, and she had an imaginary friend named Keke. And she wanted my name to be Keke.

40. Anytime you see Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, anytime a young black person's doing good, that's motivation for everybody else. Anytime, anytime, it's motivation. Use that fuel to push you forward. That's what I did.

41. I don't curl my hair. In fact, I don't know how to.

42. As you age, you start to realize that your emotions are in your hands and not someone else's. Once you put them in someone else's hands, that's when you give them the power, and you can't change it. Only they can change it.

43. I always try to set a positive example for my generation and promote confidence.

44. Comedians like to see people smile. With acting, I love giving people a feeling, an emotion. I like to give people a feeling. When they come away from my scene, I want them to think.

45. I love being in the studio. Expressing myself that way is really cool.

46. Even though I'm in the industry and I act and all this stuff, I still suffer from self-esteem issues…from the way that I look or the way that I talk…just nitpicking at myself.

47. I'm happy with who I am inside. I'd hate to have accolades and all that and not really be happy with who I was. So I'm really thankful for my family and for the support system that I have for being the person that I am today. I'm proud of who I am.

48. I can't even tell anyone how it feels when I'm acting, I don't mean to say that I don't have to try. But there's something in my heart that explodes, and I feel like I understand. When I'm acting, I feel like so in control and so centered. This is something that I solely get from acting and music. It's like love itself.

49. I love music and I love acting. I always keep that in the forefront, not all the other distractions around me.

50. I can't work all day and then go home and hang out with the same people. I don't want everything to revolve around the entertainment business. Yes, that's my career, but it's not my life.

51. Giving back, doing motivational speeches and stuff like that, that's always made me feel good. If you repeatedly go out there, and you are the change that you want to see, then that's what you are.

52. I didn't come from a lot. I had a lot of love and support from my family, but as far as money and that type of thing, I didn't really have any of that. All I did was follow my dreams. If my fans take anything from me, I hope it would be that.

53. I love singing and I love performing and just making things perfect.

54. I have a few celebrity friends, but I'm really not into the whole Hollywood scene. I like to separate myself from my work. It stresses me out if I do too much of the same.

55. When I was, like, 5 years old, I used to pray to have light skin because I would always hear how pretty that little light skin girl was, or I would hear I was pretty to be dark skin. It wasn't until I was 13 that I really learned to appreciate my skin color and know that I was beautiful.

56. I love clothes! I shop everywhere, but I like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. It's a wide range. I'm from California, and I love the Pasadena Flea Market.

57. I never try to be too sexy. People know when you're not comfortable and trying to be sexy.

58. Follow your heart's truth with no need for personal gain other than the feeling produced when doing what you truly love.

59. I was bullied a lot as a kid in school from kindergarten up to third grade. I know what it feels like to be left out and to want to be different - more so, to want to not be different and want to just fit in.

60. I sometimes want to do totally different roles. I don't always want to play "wholesome."

61. Don't depend on a guy for your happiness. You have to live your own life and do your own thing. That's when good things come around - when you do your own thing and you're not worried about a man. It will happen in due time.

62. I love competing. I love a challenge. I love going in and showing people what I can do, proving to them that I can get this part, that I can give you what you want.

63. I'm not a huge musical fan. It's like when people just jump out singing; it's not real.

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