Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kate Jackson Quotes

1. I'm married now, so I have a life. I had to get a life. That's one thing I really had to do, you know. You do that kind of work on television series after television series and you don't have a life. So, that's part of what I did while I was gone, I got a life.

2. Everybody feels like it was the end of an era. The things that they wrote about very much came from their family experience and their heart.

3. I really enjoy a structured existence.

4. I realized when I stopped "Charlie's Angels", I didn't do series for a couple of years. And I realized that from the time I was 5 years old when I started school, I had been told when to get up every morning, where to go then, what to do when I got there, when to have lunch, when to come back, what do to after lunch, when to go home, what to study, when to have dinner, and when to go to bed.

5. (talking about the film versions of "Charlie's Angels" - 1976) I think they missed the mark. In the TV show, Farrah (Farrah Fawcett), Jaclyn (Jaclyn Smith) and I were best friends who cared for each other and I think that came through in the acting. In the movies, they were too busy competing with each other, trying to see who could jump the highest or wear the tightest clothes.

6. I'd rather share the glory of a hit than star by myself in a flop.

7. (on her "Charlie's Angels" days - 1976) It was good when it was good… and when it wasn't good, it was bad.

8. The range of emotions you go through is amazing. But I really made a conscious decision to be positive. When I had a negative thought, I pushed it away.

9. I'm never going to have the perfect body. I'm not into facelifts and lip poufs. But I can wear a strapless evening gown, a bustier, or whatever is required for a part.

10. Jackie, Farrah and I became great friends. We had each other to hold on to, and that was it.

11. (on her marriages) Both times, I was looking for real commitment in all the wrong places.

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