Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ashley Tisdale Topless

Ashley Tisdale, 27, poses topless for the May issue of Maxim and talks about her dating life and "Scary Movie 5".

Tisdale, who is currently dating Christopher French, revealed: "There's definitely a thing where I like the dark, mysterious bad boy."

Tisdale added that she's "old-school when it comes to dating," claiming: "I'm not into the "game" so much. If I like you, I'll confront you and be open about it. Then I expect you to come after me."

Asked about working with Lindsay Lohan on "Scary Movie 5", Tisdale was quoted as saying: "I think Lindsay's great! There were so many cameos, and that's what I love about these movies."

Tisdale also revealed the craziest fan interaction she's ever had, telling the magazine: "Once I Instagrammed a picture of me waking up, and the next day this older gentleman came to my parents' house saying he wasn't going to leave till he saw me. I was like: "Maybe I shouldn't have taken a picture of me in bed?""

Check out Ashley Tisdale's full interview in Maxim, on newsstands now.

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